About Us

Company Profile

Klio is one of the leading local players in the plastic food storage industry. It is the product of a common vision -- aimed towards providing Filipinos with superior quality but affordable food keeper products that guarantee food safety and freshness. From its humble beginnings in 1999, the company has worked tirelessly and relentlessly towards integrating consumer demand in the development of our product selections. With this at the heart of the company, Klio continues to aspire to become the #1 preferred food keeper brand in the country.


To be the most preferred brand of plastic food keepers in the Philippines.


To provide every Filipino with safe, affordable and durable plastic food keepers.
To educate consumers about choosing approved plastic containers for food.

What We Offer

  • Variety & Full-line Product Series
  • Customized Lid-Color Options
  • Lid Design: Easy to Open, Secured and Sealed
  • Body Design: Clear -- which guarantees quality materials 

Product Features

  • Food Grade: SAFE for food storage
  • SEALED & SECURED for maximum freshness
  • Microwave & Freezer Safe, Washable
  • 100% recyclable, Eco-friendly
  • Stackable & Space Saving
  • Clear body from grade-A materials